Welcome to AJ's

"That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved."
- Romans 10:9

Home of the Jumbo Pizza

For years we've offered the biggest pizza in the county. Others have tried, but no one has topped the size and taste of our Jumbo Pizza. The humongous 24" x 17" deep dish pan pizza is topped with your favorites, cut into 28 pieces and delivered to your house hot in record-breaking time.

Expanded Delivery Area

We have the largest delivery area in the county! We go where nobody else will. Check out our delivery page to find out if you're in reach.

Now Delivering to Oak Harbor!!!

"Best pizza around! Great sauce and taste all the way around!"
Julie - Fremont
"Quite of an improvement over the years, you guys are the best!!!!"
David - Clyde
"Pavel Datsyuk injured with concussion. Trainers report that they've ordered from AJ's Heavenly Pizza. We'll be seeing Pavel back on the ice at the Joe in an hour."
William Wagner - Fremont, OH
"If Our Family Wants pizza We Think Of No Other Than AJs...All The "Chain" Pizzerias Have Nothing On Ajs. Thank You For Such A Wide Delivery Area. We Love Love Love Your Pizza And It Will Continue To Be A Family Tradition."
Sarah - Woodville Township, OH
"Our family LOVES AJ'S Heavenly Pizza!"
Matthew, Sue - Fremont, OH
"The best pizza around!!! We are loyal customers because AJ's is loyal to their customers! Love the sauce!!!!"
Tracy - Fremont, OH
"I moved to vickery from sandusky amd mmy girlfriend said let's get ajs pizza so I said ok and it is the best pie I have ever tasted. I was in the marines for 4 years and everywhere I went the was no better pizza then ajs. Thank you ajs.. also for the fastest delivery around. "
Brandon - Vickery, OH
"Hands down...BEST pizza in Fremont and the surrounding area!"
Renee - Fremont, OH
"Aj's is the only pizza company left that cares about quality, NOT MONEY."
Collin - Kansas, OH
"Their delivery speed is lightning fast!! We literally get it in 15 minutes sometimes! The taste...OMG it's delicious, definitely the best pizza in Northwest Ohio."
Bob - Fremont, OH
"Everything about Aj's is awesome! value,quality,and quantity. The sauce is the bestest!"
Stephanie - Fremont, OH
"The best pizza you have ever had!!!"
Emily - Tiffin, OH
"Delicious!!! "
Heather - Clyde, OH
"best pizza hands down wont eat any other pizza but aj's"
Jessica Herr - Bettsville, OH
"AJ's has to be the best pizza in all of tiffin because of their jumbo pizzas:D"
Zak - Tiffin, OH
"best pizza ever "
Jessica - Bettsville, OH
"If there could be any better pizza, it would have to come straight from heaven! AJ's is the pizza on the planet! Thank you Iggy for such a great recipe. You're blessed and great man!"
Gene Smith - Fremont, OH
"I love the service on the phone, at the door and in the store. Most places mess up our pizza or sub order, but AJ's has never made any of our orders wrong. We love your rib dinners, but we miss the larger size dinner roll."
Brandi - Fremont, OH
"4/11/12 The customer service at the Fremont location is the best I have experienced from any business in a long time. After calling two pizza stores in Tiffin, I just called your store on a Wednesday night to order a pizza not realizing they were closing in 15 minutes. My husband and I wanted it delivered and I told them not to worry about it since they were closing, but the gentleman insisted that I order and have it delivered to our home near Fort Seneca. Delivery was not even expected until a half hour after their intended closing time. This store has gone above and beyond to make their customers happy. Thanks to the workers and driver for your dedication and great service! We will be calling Fremont again for our next pizza order. Thanks again! "
Heather - Tiffin, OH
"I used to live in Fremont for about 6 years, 15 years ago. Sadly to say AJ's pizza is the only reason I make a point to return. When you can make crust crunchy and chewy at the same time, you've got something special! The sauce is the best that we've ever had. Please consider putting another shop in Perrysburg or Toledo area. We need that something special AJ's has to offer :) "
Jules - Perrysburg, OH
"My family and I use to live just around the corner from AJ's in Tiffin (Washington Ave). Now we are scattered across the country. My children still talk about AJ's. Awesome pizza. We finished off a Jumbo taco for breakfast many a morning. But what we miss the most are many of the employees we considered as friends at Living Word Fellowship in Tiffin. Some day we will see you all again when Jesus returns and calls us home. All of my children love the Lord and your friendships and lives are a part of that. BTW, you may not recognize the name, but here's a hint. Rhema BTC rocks!!! My wife still has a T-shirt from your original store in Michigan."
Bob Dougherty - Southern Maine
"This has to be the best pizza in the area and the sauce is so delicious!! The staff is always so friendly and polite! Our family loves Aj's!"
Calvin - Oak Harbor, OH
"I am not a pizza person but I LOVE AJ's pizza. I too live in Bellevue but I make the drive :)"
Samantha - Bellevue, OH
"Just the fact that AJ's openly declares their faith on their boxes is enough to have us as returning customers everytime we come to towny. The pizza is great so that's a bonus! We are customers for life. God bless AJ's and their entire staff."
Tom - Pittsburgh, PA
"Quality ingredients from quality people who know how pizza should be! "
Tyler - Fremont, OH
"Recently had a Jumbo and breadsticks that wasn't up to par... I was having guests over too- I called Aj's and they did not disappoint!!! The jumbo they replaced was GREAT and the breadsticks were perfect, it was a rare occurence not to be satisfied but Aj's did not disappoint, my quests loved it!!! Thanks!!- for great service to a loyal and frequent;) VIP member:) And the driver was very nice!"
Lynette Webb - Fremont, OH
"My sister in Upper Sandusky, Tina Edler, first introduced us to your superb pizza. When we found out that you had a branch in Fremont and you delivered to Clyde, was the best news ever. I am not a pizza eater at all. If I eat one slice, that is alot for me. I love your pizza and wings and eat at least three slices and leftovers the next day. I would never heat up pizza, but yours I do. Thank You and God Bless!"
Victoria Siegle - Fremont, OH
"I love that AJ's delivers everywhere and the sauce is awesome :)"
Missy - Gibsonburg, OH
"There is no other sauce like AJ's. I only wish they delivered to Bellevue too. "
Lisa - Bellevue, OH
"Timely delivery, courtious staff, best tasting pizza in the area. You even get a free pizza on your birthday!!!AJs has all the ingredients for quality and customer satisfaction. 2 thumbs up gang!"
Pat - Green Springs, OH
"I am in loveeee with AJ's pizzaaa! "
Crystal - Gibsonburg, OH
"Making the drive to our 'secret' rendezvous point to pick me up some AJ's. Great Sauce, Great Crust. Rivaled only by my home made. Blessings. "
Walt - Bellevue, OH
"I had the jumbo pizza and now won't eat any other pizza! Keep it up guys!"
Marie - Findlay, OH
"We love the pizza, keep up the good work!"
JB - Lindsey, OH
"Me gusta mucho el sabor de esta Pizza y se las recomiendo a todos los hispanos amantes de la buena Pizza. Dios les bendiga a todos... (I really like the taste of this pizza and I recommend them to all lovers of good Hispanic Pizza. God bless you all...)"
Roger Vasquez - Fremont, OH
"I work for another pizza place in Fremont but only order AJ's love it don't change anything guys"
Shhhh - Fremont, OH
"Great pizza, great owners!!!!! Keep up the good work."
Papa Joe - Fremont, OH
Seth Randell - Willard, OH
Suzie - Tiffin, OH
Kevin - Clyde, OH
"You can never go wrong with A J's. Best pizza I've ever had from anywhere I'vebeen and trust me I've been to alot of states :)"
Addyson - Fremont, OH
"I absolutely love AJ's. Its the best around, and its the only pizza my Hubby and I enjoy to eat! We have it every weekend![;"
Alesha - Clyde, OH
"Some of the best pizza in town. I have been getting AJ's for years now, when I lived at home that was the main pizza delivered, at Columbian I would always go there for pizza rolls for lunch, and now I'm sharing this tradition with my family."
Mike - Tiffin, OH
"Wouldn't eat any other pizza!"
Mariah - Green Springs, OH
"There's a good chance I won't even make my house payment let alone make Christmas this year but AJ's has given me a free pizza for just being a loyal customer. The reason I haven't been back has nothing to do with not liking your pizza, I love it. I just can't afford many luxuries right now. On the day I cancelled my satelite TV service, AJ's came through for me yet again. Have a great Christmas and wishing more area businesses were like yours. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting a smile on my face. (Wiping away tears) Your friend and loyal customer, Tony"
Anthony - Fremont, OH
"I love that the size of their pizza feeds my WHOLE ENTIRE family of 7. The price is very reasonable. I prefer AJ's over all pizza places here in town. As much as my family orders from AJ's pizza-in some kind of sense I feel like family. :)You guys all get a thumbs up from us!!"
Rachael - Fremont, OH
"Honestly, it is my favorite pizza!!!! Absolutely amazing!"
Travis - Findlay, OH
"Whether you`re feeding a family of 4 or party of 14, if you`re wanting a pizza w/ a rich, tangy sweet sauce, AJ`s is the ONLY way to go!!"
Jeff - Lindsey, OH
"Best pizza in the Tiffin area. Great sauce, great crust make an amazing pizza."
Dan - Newton Falls/Tiffin, OH
"I drive to Tiffin to eat pizza good."
Parth Patel - India
"I love how the pizza MELTS in your mouth. I agree with Bryce:)"
Jordan Dye - Tiffin, OH
"I can eat a jumbo by myself, and im not even overweight. its just that good!!!!!"
Adam R. - Fremont, OH
"It is so yummy:)"
Bryce Harrison - Tiffin, OH
"AJ's is the best pizza around!!! I recomend it to eveyone!!"
Chery - Fremont, OH
"This pizza is the first thing I eat everytime I come back home! Wish you could deliver to Alabama!! "
Keith Owens - Birmingham, AL
"Absolutely the best pizza I have ever tasted. I wish they delivered to Bellevue!!"
KK - Bellevue, OH
"I don't have one bad thing to say about Aj's it is the best pizza in Fremont it beats all others. Aj's goes out of their way to make you happy and the sauce is so good, and the best thing is their pizza even tastes good cold. We LOVE YOU AJ's YOU ARE THE BEST IN TOWN:) "
Julie Y - Fremont, OH
"I would eat AJ's pizza six days a week and rest on the seventh day like God did."
Dave C - Fremont, OH
"AJ's reminds me of my childhood, swimming all day then chowing down a jumbo. Now as an adult, nothing goes better with AJ's than an icy cold beer!"
Sarah V - Fremont, OH
"Favorite food is Pizza, I've had many different pizzas, this is my favorite tasting!!!! Recently moved hours away and come back to visit family... can't leave without having a pizza!"
TJ - Fremont, OH
"The jumbos are great when you have guests and the pizza is the BEST, my favorite!!! And as a christian I love the scriptures :)"
Lynette - Fremont, OH
"I heard it was good and believe me it's the best in Fremont and Clyde !!!"
Holly - Clyde, OH
"We like your ribs chicken wings and the jumbo pizzas. I forgot to say that you still take checks where other places do not take them."
Rose - Gibsonburg, OH
"AJ's has the best, pizza, service and heart... HE REWARDS EVEN LITTLE THINGS Matthew 10:42, "And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward.""
Ron - Fremont, OH
"I have ate pizza all the way from Marco Island FL, to Fremont, OH and have found no better pizza than AJ's. From the South to the North none are better!"
Cheryl - Clyde, OH
"A blind man once stepped into AJ's Pizza and the clerk states, "Welcome To AJ's Heavenly Pizza!" The mere mention of this name cured the man's blindness. the first, and only thing this man ever seen, was a jumbo pizza. The blind man asked, "Am I in heaven?" The Cleark answers, "No Sir, but this is the next best thing. So what can i get for you today?""
Tron - Fremont, OH
"AJ's is like Campbell's Soup.... "mm mm good""
Adamm - Fremont, OH
"Best sauce I've tasted with super fast delivery service. AJ's is now my ONLY choice!"
Mike - Fremont, OH
"Every pizza place has something speacial about their pizza. AJ'S has great sauce. P.S. also the best pineapple !"
Anthony Stoner - Fremont, OH
"I call and order a pizza, they say 45 mins, and its here in 30. You guys rock!"
Andrew - Fremont, OH
"AJ's went out of their way to help for our Wedding rehearsal dinner. They make great pizza's and go out of their way for their customers!"
Stacy - Fremont, OH
"In nearly twenty years, I've never had a bad pizza! I can't say that about anywhere else. "
Mike - Fremont, OH
"My whole family loves AJ's pizza!"
Elaine - Fremont, OH
"I'd walk a thousand miles just to go to Aj's.:)"
Donna - Fremont, OH
"Last Original One Left !!!!!"
Jaybird - Tiffin, OH
Mary - Lindsey, OH
"The sauce is DELICIOUS!"
Brittany - Fremont, OH
"I drive all the way back to Fremont for the Jumbo. I heart AJs."
Ashley - Chicago, IL
"If I was a pizza, I would want to come from AJ's!"
Tobe - Warsaw, IN
"I'm not only the webmaster for AJ's, I love their pizza so much, I'm a customer."
Joe - Fremont, OH